If You Like Crossword Puzzles, You'll Love Acrostics

Each Quote Acrostic Favorites book reveals 50 wise and witty sayings on topics from human nature, humor, and history to science, society, and sports.  Discover quotations from people like Dave Barry, Joan Didion, Molly Ivins, Charles Kuralt, Gloria Swanson, Walt Whitman, and more.



"An absolute 'must' for all dedicated crossword puzzle fans, these outstanding collections by a true master game maker are unreservedly recommended and a guaranteed source of hours upon hours of challenging entertainment--and will leave crossword enthusiasts looking eagerly toward the next volume in each of these truly exceptional collections!"

- Midwest Book Review

"Anyone who delights in solving crossword puzzles will be equally entertained with the fifty acrostic puzzles comprising Quote Acrostic Favorites: Volume 3. Also very highly recommended for dedicated puzzle solvers are the first two volumes in this simply outstanding series: Quote Acrostic Favorites: Volume 1 and Quote Acrostic Favorites: Volume 2." 

- Midwest Book Review

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